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  1. V

    One pyro device for two pyro channels on TeleMega/EasyMega

    I'd like to have two pyro channels run to the same e-match for my TeleMega and redundant EasyMega. From the manual, it seems to say I can simply solder the wires running into the positive terminals together, and the two wires running into the negative terminals together. Resulting in a sort of...
  2. irami023

    TeleMega not working properly

    As part of our subscale eBay, we have a telemega that acts as a secondary flight computer. We fully charged it a week early and it had a green light. However, the day before our launch we go to check if it is working properly and battery hasn’t drained. The TeleMega light does not turn on at...
  3. V

    Will a broken TeleMega still light up?

    Hi all I recently got my hands on some used TeleMegas and EasyMegas. I've been testing and some of them are good, some I'm not entirely sure. I have a few TeleMegas (oddly haven't seen this problem with EasyMegas) that won't show up on AltOS, nor make any beeps on startup. They only light up...
  4. I

    Telemega Pyro Charge voltage on Multimeter

    I'm having this weird issue where I seen to be detecting a voltage across the main terminals of the pyro circuit even before it has been fired from my telemega. And when I connect it to altos ui, via the usb interface it keeps resetting the age to zero. Is there any solution to this problem ?
  5. K

    TeleMega/TeleDongle Communication - Range Issues

    Firstly, I apologize if this has been posted before, but I've been unable to find anything related to my issue. Shoot me a link if a thread exists. I'm currently experimenting with a ground station that will be communicating to a TeleMega v3.0 on a rocket that will fly to approx. 30k ft. I am...