1. Robsrockettime

    CR and recovery attachment question

    OK… So I’m finishing up the fin can portion of my LOC 4in AMRAAM build and I’ve run into a bit of a dilemma. Will epoxying the top CR/recovery eyelet to the fin can by applying an epoxy to the inside and outside of the MMT(inside radius), then epoxying CR to the inside of the coupler going to...

    Fin beveling tips to minimize rocket spin

    Hey guys Getting ready to start building and putting together my level 2 HPR certification rocket. Doing it on a Public Missles Endeavor kit with a K160 motor. Will be injecting epoxy for those internal fin fillets and adding a extra centering ring cause the K motor is pushing it. Planning to...
  3. W

    US Composites Epoxy

    I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice on US Composite's epoxy for my Wildman Punisher 3 build. Mainly, I just want to know which resin and hardener I should get for fin fillets. The medium hardener seems to be the one recommended by US Composites, but then should I use the thick...