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  1. OverTheTop

    Head-End Ignition: A Successful Method

    Head-End Ignition: A Successful Method This is a basic description of the method I used for head-end ignition (HEI) on my recent two-stage flight. My method proved successful, I think, but please don’t blame me if you try this and get different results. I present it here purely for your...
  2. OverTheTop

    Core Diameter of a CTI M2020?

    I am currently pondering some ignition for a sustainer running a CTI M2020 motor. Would somebody please measure the core diameter (at the top end, if it matters) for me? I will let you in on what I am thinking when my ideas are a little less nebulous and a little more on CAD. Thanks :)
  3. Cameron Anderson

    Best two-stage separation method? (excluding drag)

    The "up" portion of my two-stage flight this weekend went exceedingly well. 3" airframe, AT K400 DMS booster to AT 38/600 i435 RMS in the sustainer to 8,184 feet. The "down" portion was marred by booster buring in ballistically. On-board sustainer video shows clean desperation in just two frames...