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  1. briewillcox

    I500 L1 (name TBD)

    I kind of live by the idea of sending it way too hard and hoping it works out, so I figured I'd go for my L1 as my first rocket and first flight, with an I500. The rocket is all 54mm cardboard LOC tube and a plastic nosecone. It'll be carrying an Eggtimer Quantum and an Eggtimer TX. I'm gonna...
  2. RocketRoll

    Apogee Aspire Supersonic Video

    I put together a video of my third and final attempt to launch a supersonic Apogee Aspire. I guess transonic is *technically* the most accurate description but supersonic has a better ring to it! I lost the rocket in tall grass, and therefore lost the altimeter, but I found I could do a lot...
  3. RocketRoll

    Beveling/airfoiling required for supersonic flight?

    Looking to start on a Wildman Blackhawk 29 and aiming for ~900 mph maximum velocity. I've beveled/airfoiled my fins in the past for flights at this speed, but it's a pain to do by hand and it's always tough to get consistent results. Out of curiosity, I simmed different fin cross-sections in...
  4. W

    Supersonic Rocket

    Hello. I'm looing to buy a supersonic rocket for my L2 certification. With the word supersonic and going above Mach 1 I'm sure there are many things the rocket would experience that it would not usually going subsonic. Is there anything I should know about? Thanks.
  5. U

    Supersonic Rocket Communications

    Hi, we are a rocketry team from TU Yildiz, Turkey. This year we are planning to compete in a 6km altitude rocketry competition, our rocket will reach supersonic speeds. Last year we made a subsonic rocket for 3km altitude that used HopeRF RFM98W 433MHz RF module (It worked fine.). We are aware...
  6. mbeels

    Loc LaserLoc 163, Mach 1 on Level 1 motors (with modifications)

    I like all sorts of rockets including odd-rocs, scale rockets, unique rockets, spectacle rockets. I like jet rockets, sci-fi rockets, and I love futuristic hypersonic planes. But sometimes I just want to put a big motor in a rocket and send it. When I got my Level one last year, I had several...
  7. Magin

    Supersonic rockets

    Hi folks. I have some problem with the desing.My rocket will be a supersonic rocket that's why there are some diffrences with desinging. ı did a lots of simulation, althought my stabilitiy ghraphic is fine there is a warning about body calculations. ı dont know what to do. Could you help me...
  8. lowga

    Additive Aerospace 38mm Fin Can Supersonic

    I'm working on a project--and hoping to fly it at Bama Blastoff II in October. I'm trying to build a mach-capable rocket using a carbon fiber airframe, and a 3-D printed 38mm fin can from Additive Aerospace. My experience with 3-D printed components is limited to low power flights. If it...
  9. 136472 makemake

    CF airframe + alu skin on a supersonic rocket?

    Hey everyone! First poster here. I'm an absolute newbie to this subject who just learned about it a few days ago, so have mercy on me if I'm wildly off the mark here with my question: In the search for a lighter rocket, has anyone built a supersonic rocket which has a carbon fiber skeletal...
  10. deadalus52

    Going supersonic with easyglas'd LOC tube

    Hey there, everyone I just confirmed a bird I'm building may be light enough to break the sound barrier on an L1000! However, I'm concerned about the structural integrity of my building material. I have no doubt everything will hold up to the acceleration, but I'm concerned about the pressure...
  11. I

    >Mach 5 Fins

    Regarding materials and geometric shape, How would you mount 3 fins on a tube such that they can rotate in position (for steering) yet be securely mounted to withstand Airspeed of Mach 5?
  12. W

    Hermes: Custom 38mm MD Build

    Welcome to my ambitious build! A little backstory: My name is Caden, I'm 18 years old and this is my first year in HPR. I've recently completed my level 2 certification and ever since I've been anxious to move onto something bigger and better (I know I'm another hot shot young guy). Below are...