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  1. N

    Rocket Separate - Internal Pressure?

    I recently launched a MadCow Super DX3 for an L1 Certification and it separated right at launch. See Pictures. Originally i thought this was around a Center of Gravity being off but curious if specific to Internal Pressure as well. I do not have a vent hole in the parachute bay, do I need...
  2. R3verb

    Help me choose my L1 cert rocket! (Super DX3 vs Goblin vs Zephyr)

    Hey All, I'm finally taking the leap and going for my L1 cert. My model rocket history has been on and off but I'm finally ready to go for it. I've been doing model rockets ever since I was a little kid and my dad and I would build Estes kits. Last year I bought a few new Estes kits and...
  3. Brian-Tampa

    Super DX3 - Finally Finished!

    Finally finished my latest build, Madcow Super DX3 Fiberglass. 2 months plus project. Set up for single deployment. Height: 69" Width: 12" Weight: 128 oz dry 4" Air Frame Set up for either 54 or 38mm motors, I lengthened the motor tube to handle longer motors. Also added an extra centering ring...
  4. Brian-Tampa

    MMT Hard Point

    Hello, Just ordered a Madcow Super DX3 Fiberglass kit. In this build, I prefer not to drill into the top CR to attach a shock cord eyebolt for recovery. Seems like drilling a 1/4" TO 5/16" hole in the top fiberglass CR will dramatically weaken it. And I'm not too fond of the method of epoxying...