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  1. K'Tesh

    Another HPR Checklist Thread... (What to take with you)

    In a recent post, I was reminded of the massive headache and sunburn I got with my L1 attempt. So, now I'm wondering what things that should go on the checklist (for individuals or clubs) at HPR launch events. At my particular launch event, Filible's Folly at Sheridan, Oregon (back in...
  2. Tbmx3

    Fiberglass kits

    Besides the Madcow, Wildman and Mach 1 kits I have, I'm not finding too many other makers of FB kits. Any suggestions for decently priced FB rockets? I especially like giving newer/small companies (Mach 1 will be hard to beat for the price) a shot at business. I prefer to help the little guys...
  3. J

    Need ideas for a rocket name.

    I just built a PML intruder, stretched by ~24 inches thanks to an added fuselage from a Madcow Scooter. The final design is almost 7 feet tall, making it the first rocket I have ever built that’s too big to fit through a door vertically. Only problem is, I have no idea what to name it, or what...