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  1. SkyWhal3

    LOC P. AGM-256 pitbull

    This kit worked great! Upgraded the chute from the kit's 28" to a 42" on a jolly logic @500' plus a rocket man 15' streamer. Two nomex blankets. 35' 1/4" kevlar shock cord. .4g ejection charge. Added 150 grams to nose for a stability of 2.25 4400' apogee, 405mph. Aerotech I254J-10 blackjack
  2. SkyWhal3

    Streamer + Parachute - What order on the cord?

    Hello, I have a streamer I'm using as a drogue, with a LOC parachute (jolly Logic @ 800'). What order on the shock cord should I put them on? Booster -> Streamer -> Parachute -> Nosecone? Booster -> Parachute -> Streamer -> Nosecone? Thanks!
  3. H

    Change From Streamer to Parachute for the Goblin?

    Like many others, I found a great deal on the Estes Goblin at Hobby Lobby yesterday--$4.39. At the time of purchase, I did not know it uses the streamer recovery system. Never used streamers before. If I convert to a parachute instead, what size should I use? Anything about the shock cord or...
  4. BackSeatBryce

    Recommendations on Drogueless vs Streamer

    Hey everyone, I'm working on a 3" min diameter rocket, and I'd like your opinion on going drogueless vs using a streamer for most of the descent until the main deploys. The nosecone separates from the body tube, and that's the only separation point. I'm going to use cable cutters to keep the...
  5. C

    To paint or not to paint

    I am building an Estes Yankee for a "B" streamer duration contest. Knowing that paint will add weight I'm not sure if I should paint or just leave as-is. I am pretty good at painting and it will have a smooth finish, but that will require 3-4 coats of primer and a few coats of paint. Just...
  6. lowga

    Streamer Recovery for 38mm Minimum Diameter

    After lots of test fittings, and experimentation I've decided that I'm simply not comfortable with using the JLCR in my 38mm minimum diameter project. Going to go with apogee deployment and a streamer instead to try to bring the rocket down close. The foundation for the build will be a Wildman...
  7. W

    OpenRocket Streamer Issue

    I am currently in the middle of designing a rocket in OpenRocket that uses duel deployment. I was thinking about maybe using a streamer instead of a drogue chute. However, it seems to be acting weird when I put the streamer in. For example, if I don't put any recovery devices in the rocket at...