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  1. Hot bird fly 2.jpg

    Hot bird fly 2.jpg

    4" Madcow Phoenix with my personal stylistic paintscheme: The Hot Bird ~4350' maiden flight on a J150
  2. Gary Mac

    Wanted Dual Deployment Altimeter

    I'm looking to buy a dual deployment altimeter. In particular, I'd love to try out a Perfect Flight Stratologger CF or RRC2+ (opinions are welcome too if you have them on those systems!) since it has such a small footprint, but I'd be interested in other systems if others have them for sale as...
  3. H

    Stratologger CF

    Hi, I am new to model rocketry and have purchased the Stratologger CF. It lists in the manual that for example you can deploy at 700 feet. But is that at 700 feet after apogee? Or is it 700 feet from the ground?
  4. FMarvinS

    FOUND Altimeter(s)

    If you have a Perfect flite Stratologger CF or a Missile Works RRC3 or RRC2+ in good working condition and would like to sell it (or them), please send a PM with the model and asking price. Thanks! Fred A Perfect flite stratologger CF has been acquired and is in the mail (thanks CJ)!