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  1. arshiaboorboor

    How to simulate canards?

    I'm planning on building Starship as my level 2 HPR certification, and I am currently trying to get all the stability numbers correctly, but there isn't a feature in OpenRocket for canards attached directly to the nose. Is there a way to do that by hand or some way to do that by software, either...
  2. Starship Moon Lander Variant Sub Parts

    Starship Moon Lander Variant Sub Parts

    Model by Guy Gehlhausen, 3D printed parts by Boyce Aerospace Hobbies. No fins, full thrust vector control via BPS Space. 4 inch diameter model F-15
  3. Peartree

    SpaceX Loses Third Starship Prototype

    I apologize if someone already posted this, but I looked and didn't see it anywhere. Full article here: