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  1. garlicsnapper

    Sold Estes PSII/Estes Star Wars Rocketry Kits & Electronics

    I’m not leaving the rocketry community! Not even close! But I’m looking to thin out my collection of rocket kits and electronics that I’ll never get around to using. Check out what’s available! Here is a listing of what’s available. Prices in USD plus shipping to your destination of choice...
  2. garlicsnapper

    North Coast Rocketry by Estes X-Wing Fighter

    What is the best way to pack the parachute, shroud lines, and shock cord on the NCR by Estes Star Wars X-Wing Fighter?
  3. M

    Ion engines in Star Wars don’t work. Alternative?

    I am a lifelong Star Wars fan and I was heartbroken to discover that ion engines could NOT work both in the atmosphere of a planet and space; which is the bread and butter depiction of Star Wars. I have to assume that in the Star Wars universe; somehow, someway scientists figured out how to make...