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  1. R3verb

    Project Overkill Build log (Estes #9716 Star Orbiter)

    Back in 2022 Estes had a Black Friday sale and I picked up the Estes Star Orbiter ( for pretty cheap and it came with an adapter and some engines. After reading Leo's terrific thread...
  2. smstachwick

    Super Star Orbiter: Two Stage conversion

    Having a morning unexpectedly free, I kicked around some ideas for a project I’ve had in mind forever: a booster for my Estes Star Orbiter. To that end, I spent this morning fiddling with some of the components to figure out how it would be spaced out and put together, and got some pictures as...
  3. R

    I want to get into high altitude mid-power rocketry, and I have a few questions that I need answers to.

    My first question regards the next rocket I plan to build, which is the Estes Star Orbiter. I am going to modify it into a two stage rocket, the booster stage being 3D printed. And I will use an Estes F15-0 and an F15-8. If the projected altitude with one engine is around 1800 feet, how high...
  4. SierraDrinker

    Adding rail buttons to an already-built model

    I want to add rail buttons to my Estes Star Orbiter. It is already full assembled and I have had successful launches on E engines. I'm planning on doing a launch with a little bit bigger engine than recommended and I want to get a little more stability at launch. Any suggestions?