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  1. Ravenex

    LiquidFyre Rocketry Switch

    I am working on a new safety switch designed specifically for rocketry. Anywhere that your electronics will ignite a motor, and also in some ejection setups this switch is designed to improve safety and prevent accidental firing from mistakes or component failures. The switch will be a highly...
  2. T

    Adept stage timer instructions

    Since Adept has gone out of business, does anyone have electronic copies of the -210 (dual event} and the -236 (single event) staging timers that you would like to share? It would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  3. TeslaPenguin1

    3-stage DCC setup?

    I am building a 3-stage model rocket that goes D-C-C. However, I am confused about how to arrange the motor mounts. Could someone please post a diagram or something of how to do this? Thanks!
  4. TeslaPenguin1

    Gap Staging

    So, I have this one idea for a rocket I want to build. The only problem is, I want it to be staged, but the motors aren't next to each other. In fact, they will be 18 inches apart. (length of Estes a la carte body tubes) Is it possible to stage them without electronics?
  5. M

    OpenRocket not recognizing intermediate stage after export from RockSim.

    Hi everyone! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I'm intentionally reposting this here and deleting the old thread, because on reflection it doesn't quite fit in "Rocketry Electronics and Software." No replies over there to miss, either. I'm exploring high-altitude darts, and conversations...
  6. cyrus lloyd

    HPR Staging

    Newbie reaching out here on the subject of two stagers. I'm thinking of projects for Bama Blastoff this year and, having recently achieved my L1, though I'd try a more ambitious multistage rocket. I was thinking of using a LOC Goblin as the booster and a LOC Hi Tech H45 as the sustainer (they're...