1. Starship Moon Lander Variant Sub Parts

    Starship Moon Lander Variant Sub Parts

    Model by Guy Gehlhausen, 3D printed parts by Boyce Aerospace Hobbies. No fins, full thrust vector control via BPS Space. 4 inch diameter model F-15
  2. Peartree

    SpaceX Loses Third Starship Prototype

    I apologize if someone already posted this, but I looked and didn't see it anywhere. Full article here:
  3. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    Space X Crew Dragon In flight Abort

    Just saw the stream, and it was the best thing after falcon heavy. Time to recreate it with my little version! Space X stream My model I want to abort midflight Was the super dracos pulling away more epic? Or the explosion? All of it. My excitement level is at 1000% right now Also this...
  4. Switch

    SpaceX Falcon Heavy

    Every year or so I meet up with an old grad school friend and his boys in Death Valley for Thanksgiving. We've been flying single engine low power rockets and it's time to take it up a level. I was inspired by ToneDeafJunior's build of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy...
  5. L

    Falcon 9's stability

    If you look at the Falcon 9 rocket, it is basically a straight pipe with an enlarged nose. I've been told that the center of gravity of a rocket must be above the center of aerodynamic pressure, so how come the Falcon 9 (or really any other rocket that seems to be breaking this rule) is a stable...