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  1. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    Model Rocketry and Democratizing Space

    I'm a student, and I feel like I'm born in a new era where space is becoming more and more accessible to everyone. I am quite thankful I'm born in this era and I want to take part. I feel like many amazing people such as Joe Barnard has inspired people like me and shown the world that we can...
  2. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    What is your favorite space related movie?

    I'm just wondering what all you rocketeers have a taste of for movies. What's your favorite movie related to space? Can be anything Interstellar Armageddon Apollo 13 Apollo 11 (2019) (I really want to see this one soon. The footage looks phenomenal!) just to name a few, like very few.
  3. cwbullet

    Interesting news: 1st Satellite Built to Harpoon Space Junk

    1st Satellite Built to Harpoon Space Junk for Disposal Begins Test Flight The first spacecraft to demonstrate active space debris-removal technologies by using harpoon, a net, and a drag sail in orbit has been released from the International Space Station to commence its mission. This concept...