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  1. Alan Offer

    Stage Separation using Hot Staging for a Sounding Rocket

    Hi everybody , I'm planning to make a two stage sounding rocket that will go to 38km high and I'm analysing options for booster separation . I'm using two 98mm stages with an O3400 motor for the booster and a N1100 for the sustainer. I wanted to know if somebody has already made an hot staging...
  2. C

    Vibration Data of Sounding Rockets

    Hi, Can Someone provide me with vibration data of the propulsion system of an actual sounding rocket
  3. R

    Sounding rocket aerodynamics and hypersonic flights

    Hi, everyone! I'm currently searching for any helpful literature on aerodynamics to design the airframe of the sounding rocket so that it suits for varying flight conditions (passing through subsonic; hypersonic speeds). Any recommendations on maybe existing papers and researches?