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  1. JR Anderson

    For Sale CTI 75MM 6G & 4G (Gen 1) cases plus extras

    I bought these a few years ago for my Level 3 But haven't got around to it yet. Now I need to thin out my Rocket Stuff. The plant I work at is closing at the end of the year. So, Level 3 will be on hold for a while longer. My loss is your gain. I'm just asking what I payed for them. All...
  2. nelie61

    For Sale Estes Masters Series Space Shuttle #1284 $180 + Shipping $10

    Unopened Excellent condition $180 plus $10 shipping
  3. quickburst

    For Sale Slightly Used "Super Nova Two" Launch Control

    Slightly used, Nova Launch control. I built this for my own use a couple years ago, and never had the chance to use it. Actually it's never been used its brand new. Its been laying around a couple of years and I thought someone could get some use out of it. $175.00 plus shipping at my cost...
  4. Mick Kelly

    SOLD Madcow 5.5" Fiberglass Nike-Tomahawk kit

    For Sale: Madcow 5.5" Fiberglass Nike-Tomahawk kit. $550.00 Includes shipping in the CONUS only. Kit includes: 3" Filament Wound 3:1 Ogive Nose Cone 3" x 22” G12 Payload Tube 3" x 8” G12 Coupler 3" x 44” G12 Slotted Fin Can 3" x 1" G12 Switch Band 1/8” G10 Sustainer Fins (4) 54mm x 12” G12...
  5. Duster45

    For Sale Kosdon 1.5-640 NS case

    Includes case with fwd closure, snap rings, pliers and some o-rings. Sorry, no nozzles. Case has a cosmetic scratch on one end as shown in the pics. I don't know what to ask for it, so I'm open to offers.
  6. Scotty Dog

    SOLD P29-3G case and closure

    New P29-3G case and closure = Asking $35 includes shipping in USA.
  7. Scotty Dog

    SOLD 2 Madcow Mombas

    I have 2 madcow Momba kits. Not technical complete kits. One has been started. Missing one 9x9 chute protector ,2- 1/4 lugs and no shock cords. I'm throwing in a 28 x 29 Madcow motor adapter and extra wood CRs. One of the chutes is a better chute than the one that comes with the kit. ( it looks...
  8. rkoenn

    SOLD New Jolly Logic Altimeter 3

    I just obtained this brand new Jolly Logic Altimeter 3 and am offering it for sale. I rarely fly any longer due to lower leg neuropathy so am offering it for sale for $75 delivered priority mail. Paypal or Venmo payment would work. If you are interested please contact me. Thanks...
  9. rockethunter99

    SOLD 5 ''x 33 '' GIZMO

    Available in Canada & US .... $ 135.00 US + Shipping to ? ... 3 Fin Gizmo 54mm , 5 '' G10 preslotted BT , 3:1 FG nose cone 15.5 "/ 3 " shoulder , 9 " FWFG 54mm MMT , 2-1/8 G10 Rings , 3 - 1/8 G10 Fins ( leading edge Beveled ) , 2 nose bulk plates 1- 4.75" , 1- 3 .75 " ,1/4 eyebolt +...