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  1. Johann

    complete rocket flight controller code

    Hello, I've written a rocket flight controller code in the Arduino IDE and would appreciate suggestions to improve it and make it more realistic.
  2. iloveart

    Entacore Offline?

    Has anyone else been having trouble with Entacore’s website? I’ve been trying to get there to download their AIM software for my altimeter but each time I’ve gone on for the past couple days the site has been down. I’ve tried it on multiple devices as well. It worked a couple weeks ago when one...
  3. jbgust

    Finocyl, star and end burner grain now available on METEOR

    Hi, First, best wishes for the new year. Today I publish a new version of METEOR. You can now use many different grains configuration (hollow cylinder, finocyl, star and end burner). Let me remind you that: you can also use your own propellant. export the motor result in RASP format (to use...
  4. RocketEnthusiast101

    Need help regarding OpenRocketv15.03 execution

    hi. I'm facing an execution issue regarding open rocket software. I have the latest java software. However whenever I download open rocket-15.03 from their website. It downloads the file in WinRAR format in my download section. To try to fix this issue I tried using the notepad method (basically...
  5. C

    PerfectFlite DataCap software alternatives

    I am in search of an open source, Windows compatible, alternative to the PerfectFilte DataCap.exe software for my pNut altimeter.
  6. cerving

    New Eggtimer Proton Firmware - 1.02N

    After several months of testing and in conjunction with our policy of continuous product improvement, we've now released a new version of the Eggtimer Proton firmware. It incorporates a number of enhancements and fixes, including: * You can now calibrate the accelerometer vertically while on...
  7. B

    Rocket Software Tips/Advice

    Hey Rocketeers, I'm on a mission to write some software to control a small thrust vectoring mount. I need some tips and advice for writing flight software. Anyone know any good books videos or anything to help me on this quest??? Thanks!!!
  8. A

    How to link the Pepcoded.daf to ProPep 3

    Hello everyone, Happy to become a member of this forum. Lately I've been working on my thesis in order to graduate in Mechanical Engineering at a university in Brazil. I investigate the role of some additives in the combustion of four sugar solid propellants. I finished the experimental part...
  9. diamoeba

    Publicly accessible flight data set?

    Hi! I'm a member of the UVic (University of Victoria) Rocketry team, and I'm trying to find a publicly accessible collection of flight data from a large number of amateur high-power rocket flights. I'm most interested in altitude, location, and/or acceleration data over time, but any sort of...