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  1. Tobor

    EggFinder Sleds

    In the past I have made my own plywood sleds, but for my LOC Goblin I want to try a 3D printed sled. The issue I have run into is that no one seems to make an EggFinder sled that will easily accept a 1000mAh LiPo pack. I even tried contacting one maker of sleds, about modding one of their stock...
  2. Bill Hanson

    3D Printing X-sled for 3" and 4" rockets

    Inspired by, I thought I would make a "plain" X-shaped avionics sled. No customization here, just a blank canvas for all your electronics and batteries. Sized for both 3" and 4" bays. These...
  3. SteveThatcher

    SMT Designs Electronic Bay Products Introduction

    Hello, my Name is Steve Thatcher and I am introducing a series of 3d printed parts for electronic bay designs. I live in the Seattle area and I am an electronics engineer by trade and a rocketeer since 1991. At this time, my products are more focused on mid and high power rocketry (I would...