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  1. tugkau

    Over Stability Is a Issue?

    Hi everyone. I have a question. I have a rocket design which have 278cm length and 12cm diameter. In this design Cg = 163cm, Cp=210cm. Accordingly to OpenRocket datas my stability is 3.88. When i want to plot simulation graph, the stability values that i get are between 5 and 6. And i think...
  2. N

    Automating OpenRocket Simulations

    Hi all, I am trying to find a way to automate OpenRocket to run many simulations sequentially, changing some variables between iterations. I.e. Start with a rocket setup, then run 500 simulations increasing the outside temperature 0.05 degC each iteration. Some ideas were interfacing with...
  3. RocketEnthusiast101

    Need help regarding OpenRocketv15.03 execution

    hi. I'm facing an execution issue regarding open rocket software. I have the latest java software. However whenever I download open rocket-15.03 from their website. It downloads the file in WinRAR format in my download section. To try to fix this issue I tried using the notepad method (basically...
  4. markkoelsch

    3 New Aerotech motor certifications and motor files

    Hello, TMT has tested and certified the 3 Aerotech motors. They are two 29mm Super Thunder end burners- the G11 and G12. Also tested was the J520, which is now certified for delay use versus its previously plugged forward closure only configuration. Complete Aerotech motor files can be...