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  1. ShakyShane99

    Replacing shock cord, what’s the best approach?

    Hello about a month ago I launched a Estes Alpha in the back yard, I was pushing the envelope hehe, decided to lunch it with a c6-5 and the wind grabbed the parachute and it went into the woods. Lucky for me I found it on the ground today. But it was broke by the shock cord. I have a spare shock...
  2. J

    Proposed modification to Saturn V recovery system

    I seek advice on the viability of a modification to the recovery of an Estes 1/100th scale Saturn V. Rather than having the Saturn V upper stage and booster return separately, I want them connected by a common shock cord. They both retain their own parachutes. The upper stage would act like a...
  3. ac2fv

    Kevlar shockcord attachment

    I have a Wildman Journey 75 that I’m building. I read on a vendor web site to Connect your main chute directly to the hard point in the nose cone. I’m assuming you also connect the shockcord to the nose cone main point. Is this correct, or am I confused, which is a high probability? Note this is...
  4. eldugul000

    Drogue Shock Cord Length

    I am designing a 1 mile 1 pound rocket with my school rocket class but I am unsure of how long to make our shock cords. Should the drogue cord be 3x the length of the overall rocket length or just the drogue section of the rocket, or some other length?
  5. ac2fv

    Kevlar Shockcord for Loc Warlock

    I'm going to replace the 18' 5/8" nylon shock cord that came with the Loc Warlock kit. My replacement will be Kevlar (of course). For those Warlock owners/flyers out there, what width/length is in use? Most of my launches will be H/I/J motors. Any suggestions on vendors with good shock cords...
  6. Culprit

    3D Printing COVID Confusion Nose Cone

    Hello! Since paper towels and toilet paper appear to be quite desirable these days, I couldn't just throw the empty tubes away. LOL! I found a good Coronavirus model on Thingiverse and made it into a fitting nose cone in Fusion 360. The virus obviously needs supports, but PrusaSlicer also...
  7. Scott Chase

    Shock Cord Anhcor Flexibility Makes It Easy to Fit Many Tubes

    The shock cord and anchor are fire resistant. I used this set up on my BT-70 Dragon Rocket without a single failure. A nice feature of building this anchor is it can be flexed to fit any mid power rocket tube and it's really cheap to make. The anchor is installed 3 inches into the tube and glued...
  8. BlaineS

    Blaine's Kevlar Anti-Zipper using Foam Ear Plug

    Hello all, In the "totally over engineered LPR department"... I just wanted to share my Kevlar Anti-Zipper using a Foam Ear Plug. Producing motorsports television, I have an over abundance of foam ear plugs so, to put them to good use... please see description below pictures... 1. I...