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  1. J

    First HPR two stage question

    Hello. I'm in the planning step of my first HPR two stage and I just want to double check something. Is the sustainer motor alone good enough for separation from the booster and breaking of two sheer pins, or is my only choice to break any sheer pins used a black powder charge? The top section...
  2. Sean Witte

    Non-Pyro Ejection

    Hey everyone, I am in a situation where I want to use electronic deployment of a drogue chute at apogee then two main chutes at a lower altitude. There is also no engine with an ejection charge in this section of the rocket because the booster is separated after its burn. The problem here...
  3. Cameron Anderson

    Best two-stage separation method? (excluding drag)

    The "up" portion of my two-stage flight this weekend went exceedingly well. 3" airframe, AT K400 DMS booster to AT 38/600 i435 RMS in the sustainer to 8,184 feet. The "down" portion was marred by booster buring in ballistically. On-board sustainer video shows clean desperation in just two frames...