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  1. bimmui

    Need Launch Data to Test EKF Program

    Hello everyone, I'm currently building a program for a flight computer that can estimate what state the rocket is in. I've been learning about Kalman Filters so I can denoise the data I get from my sensors and wanted to test it out on actual launch data to simulate how well it works and debug...
  2. B

    Installing sensors on EasyMini

    Hi everyone, me and my team are currently trying to build a rocket to take place in a tech competition. But we have few problems about the electronic part. Due to unavailable stocks of rocket cards we are only able to buy an EasyMini. We need the rocket to be in contact with us and tell its...
  3. L

    High Powered Rocketery Sensors

    Hey Avionics People ! What would you use as an IMU if your rocket undergoes 20g for a small amount of time? We are building a rocket to reach 8km's ( about 25 to 30k feets). BNO055 is a nice one but it's operation range is less then 16g for its accelerometer. I don't know if it brokes after...
  4. Joshua Koehler

    Most Accurate Way to Measure Velocity: Accelerometer vs Barometer vs ?

    I need to be able to precisely measure a high-powered rocket's velocity after motor burnout. There is an onboard altimeter, as well as an accelerometer available to me. Which would yield a more accurate result? Also, any recommendations for implementing this with a real time system? If I...