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  1. 75Grandville

    4" Upscale Screaming Green Meenie

    OK, this has been in the back of my mind for over 5 years. Rediscovering my Screaming Green Meenie gave me the impetus to pick this project back up. And it's improved for having waited 5+ years. The original version had a 29mm MMT. The current version has a 54mm MMT :D My plan is to...
  2. UPscaler

    Sold LDRS 38 or Bust!!

    Some of you may know that I shoot videos of high power rockets, and I have been planning on trekking to Argonia for LDRS all year. After a recent event I am left with two damaged cameras, and car troubles that are going to require me to fly and rent a car. Without rolling out the pity party too...