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  1. ReynoldsSlumber

    Old tractors, new tractors: Flying Pitchfork, Cluster F, TetraJet

    Inspiration In the days of yore, when reading G. Harry Stine's Handbook of Model Rocketry, an image toward the end of the chapter on staging struck me: The wheels in my head started spinning and couldn't be stopped. Pitchfork I built an Estes BT-50-based tractor parallel-staged model...
  2. xXHeliMechXx

    2.6” 38mm Crossfire ISX Upscale

    I started a scratch build Crossfire ISX. I scaled it using open rocket to a 2.6” airframe tube and I am going to be using a 38mm motor tube. I spent yesterday drawing up vectors and cutting out my centering rings and fins using 1/4” birch. I found a motor retainer on thingverse im going to try...
  3. James Owen

    “Risky Business” - Minimum Diameter mach 2 attempt

    My next HPR project is ambitious, to say the least. There are a few aspects to the project: A) send a scratch built rocket over mach 2 on an L1 motor B) use a completely homegrown avionics + tracking system (I’m working on the necessary FCC stuff) C) get it all back in one piece. Current...
  4. M

    Cause of RUD at Max-Q

    I'm a member of a rocketry team at Purdue University, and our team's rocket broke apart right before burnout, probably supersonic. I thought we broke a fin, but the fincan was recovered with all 4 fins still solidly attached. Any ideas on the cause of failure? Video footage, wreckage, and .ork...
  5. DabCat

    4 inch Polecat Goblin Replica - Build Thread

    A few months back I put in an order for a bunch of LOC tubes and nose cones. I've had a Polecat goblin on my wishlist for quite a while now, and with the goblin drag race at ROCstock next weekend, I decided it was time to build one. I cut the body tube to 14.25 inches and used a laser cutter to...
  6. Ralph M Bohm

    Transparent or clear nose cone availability?

    Hello All, Anyone here know of a source for transparent or clear 3" OD diameter, blunted ogive or pointed ogive nose cones (perhaps, even a parabolic shaped)? I've searched online for them but have not come up with any. I also searched the Forum here to no avail. I will keep trying...
  7. F

    Model Rocket Building Survey

    Hey guys, as part of my year 12 (senior year) research project i'm conducting a survey aimed at people who have built a model rocket before. It only takes a few minutes and I would really appreciate it if you could do it. I would also really appreciate it if you could share the survey link to...
  8. TandemDwarf3410

    Single-use scratch rockets

    Does anyone else make simple rockets with your own fuel that consume the body as they fly?
  9. Nacho

    Cormoran II

    Hi everyone, After designing and building Comoran I, I decided to move on and create version 2.0. I wanted a few things for this build: Needs a payload area Fins must be strongly attached to the frame (I had a problem with this on my previous build) Compatible with 24mm motors, both 70mm and...
  10. Oscar S.

    Level 1 Rocket Build

    Hi! I have been doing low-power rocketry for years, but I recently got interested in doing high-power rocketry, so after reading a book and talking to very helpful people on the forum I think I have a pretty good and detailed idea of what I need to do to build my level 1 rocket. It will be my...
  11. Jonathan 7

    Three more new designs

    Here are three other designs. Which do you like best? The red, white, and blue is a rear ejection system. These all fly super-straight, no corkscrewing or other weird phenomena. The gold one was originally two-stages, but i ended up filling the vent holes and making it one. Flies better. All...
  12. NX Grand America Alpha

    NX Grand America Alpha

    NX Grand America Alpha
  13. NX Rear Guard Patriot 1b with Loadstar II booster

    NX Rear Guard Patriot 1b with Loadstar II booster

    NX Rear Guard Patriot 1b with Loadstar II booster
  14. NX Philoctetes B Archer

    NX Philoctetes B Archer

    NX Philoctetes B Archer
  15. Jonathan 7

    NX Kuiper RLV B (Rocket Launch/Lift Vehicle) - Newbie Input

    Hi! I’m new to the forum and would love any input, comments, and/or suggestions for improving my Rocket (my first scratch build). It has multiple configurations, including lifting/launching a glider at apogee. I would love to make it cooler! It is a two stage Rocket with an optional third...
  16. Bill Hanson

    3 inch "Frequent Flyer"

    Hi All, As I’m working through my L3 planning, I’m also scratch-building a 3” DD rocket with a 38mm motor tube that will be a “frequent flyer” for everything from G-J. I’m trying to make it light enough to fly under a Class 1 waiver with a G or small H, but robust enough to handle high...