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  1. Alex (Boyce Aerospace)

    Future "Builders Kit" poll

    I'll interested in what scale "Builders Kits" would be the most popular or desired by the members of the forum. The top five kits will receive serious consideration for development this year. Thanks for participating in the poll! Alex Boyce
  2. bandman444

    NSL 2024: A 24" Diameter 1/6th SpaceX Dragon Pad Abort Test

    I am very excited to announce an exceptionally cool project that @jpoehlman and I are working on together. Some may know that I happen to have an affinity for short and fat rockets. A couple years ago I started progress toward a 1/6th scale Falcon 9. Turns out, that is very hard. At over 38ft...
  3. ljwilley

    Mini Semi-Scale Hawk Missile!

    I built this little Hawk rocket! I started yesterday, cad modeling and 3d printing the nose, tailcone, fins, and outer conduits. I built it all yesterday, and painted it this morning. I hope to fly it in the next hour!! I painted it with Rustoleum "Hunt Club Green". What do you think?
  4. jhill9693

    KN Aeronautics AIM-9L Sidewinder

    Back in 2022, I found this short kit for a very realistic high-power scale model of the AIM-9L Sidewinder air-to-air missile on eBay. It's been sitting around in a box waiting for me to build it. Finishing 3D-printed parts still intimidate me. A few of you on here have this same short kit...
  5. lowga

    Honest John M50 Improved with West German markings?

    I'm on a quest to document and detail all known paint schemes for the Honest John missile, including variations in test rounds at White Sands Missile Range, weapons in active inventory in the US Military, National Guard versions, and those sold to foreign forces for use overseas. Here is a...
  6. J

    The "Blue Brant V/3" - Launch photos

    Howdy Y'all Launched my Black brant V scale model out at TCVA on March 26th. It's a 0.3209 x scale of the Black Brant V sounding rocket based on data from Wallops Island and scale drawings from Rockets of the World. It weighed 11 pounds on the pad with an I255 motor and is my first launch after...
  7. Crayok

    Kronos E Project is now at the Hangar

    The Kronos E has a new home The Hangar Flight Museum. This was one of those very rewarding team projects. The Team; Shane Weatherill, Ian Stephens, John Glasswick and I spent many an hour getting this rocket into the air and a few more prepping it and making a base to stand upright in The...
  8. lowga

    SBR New LPR Kits (Lil Honest John )

    Great news for fans of America's first nuclear-capable missile: Scott Binder not only upgraded his 4/5.5" Honest John kit with a even more detailed nose cone, he also created a new line of 18mm low-power kits that mirror his larger models. Among these is the "Lil Honest John" and the detailing...
  9. Gunstar

    BT-80 Der Red Max Nose Cone - 3D printer file found

    For those of you wanting to make a BT-80 der Red Max, there is a file on thiniverse to print the nosecone. You will need to scale the print up 158.82% to resize it from BT-60 to BT-80. I haven't tested this yet, but thought some of you would like to...
  10. Blast it Tom!

    New guy getting back in slowly

    Hi all! <waves> Soooo - I was 13 when Niel Armstrong took that historic 1st step. Had all the models, simulated every stage of the flight. 1st rocket - Estes WAC Corporal. Oh, so careful! Dad & I took it out one vary calm night, leveled the launch pad, and off she went! Perfect! Straight...
  11. PieroAcme

    Soyuz 1/25... why not ?

    I open this thread with the hope of getting suggestions or experience done on similar solutions I have set to allow the building of a scale model 1/25 of the Soyuz. Soyuz is one of my favourite scale model has unique shape and it is full of detail. I did already a model ... now is almost 10...
  12. lowga

    Found History of the improved (M50) Honest John Rocket System, 1954-1965 – 1965 by Mary T Cagle

    Seeking a copy of a mimeographed book from noted historian Mary T. Cagle. Mary documented the development and testing of many US Army rockets and missile systems in the 1950's and 60's--contributing some amazing information of interest to scale modelers. The book or file that I'm seeking is...
  13. K'Tesh

    Estes Honest John (7240) Info

    Just got off the phone with John Boren (JumpJet), the designer of the 1/14th scale Honest John kit. I was talking to him about Part L (the Laser cut index stock (Part Number 030106)). In our discussion, he mentioned that the holes are not centered on the strip. I asked him if the narrow side...
  14. GuyNoir

    Sold Wildman 2.6" Carbon Fiber V-2

    I have a Wildman scale V2 that I won in a raffle somewhere, unopened, fresh in bag. I'm not really interested in building it. First $100 takes it. PM me if interested.
  15. B

    Kits vs plans for Nike Hercules?

    I’ve seen plans for sale and some scratch built Hercules. I’ve not seen a LPR version of a Nike Hercules kit. Is there any particular reason for this? I’m not above scratch building but I am lazy enough to prefer a good kit. Is there any hope of seeing one?
  16. PeterP

    LOC 4" Black Brant X L1 Cert Build

    Hey all, this will be my first post on TRF! I decided I wanted to go for my HPR certifications after building rockets with my school’s rocketry program this past semester. So, I bought myself a LOC 4” Black Brant X to certify L1 and L2 with. I figured going with the biggest kit I could find...
  17. B

    Rocksim - is it possible to scale a rocket (and all the parts) in Rocksim?

    I would like to increase the size of a model I have created in Rocksim by 25%. Is there a scaling tool where I can scale the whole rocket without having to remodel every part? I would then go in a adjust as needed. Thanks Ben
  18. D

    Super Chief photograph?

    I am thinking of building a 2 stage Super Chief for Sport Scale for NARAM. Does anybody have a decent color photograph that they can scan and post here? The photo I can find online is a poor resolution one at Gunters Space page