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  1. J

    Proposed modification to Saturn V recovery system

    I seek advice on the viability of a modification to the recovery of an Estes 1/100th scale Saturn V. Rather than having the Saturn V upper stage and booster return separately, I want them connected by a common shock cord. They both retain their own parachutes. The upper stage would act like a...
  2. Joshua Smith

    Estes Saturn V, Quintuple Cluster, Staged

    I imagine someone has posed this idea before, and I know this would be a mess, but maybe a fun mess. I have an extra Estes Saturn V Skylab (main body tube is a bit squished), but the Skylab vs Apollo doesn't much matter here. What I want to do, because I can (try), is modify it to be a cluster...
  3. supertaco

    Sold Estes Apollo 11 Saturn V Model Rocket Kit 2157 (2010) -- $130 + Shipping

    I have one of these discontinued kits in really good condition from 2010. I received it as a gift and will never build it. Super sweet gift, but it is only taking up space in my shop. I can't find this available anywhere I saw old prices ranging from $70 to $200; so I'm going in the middle...
  4. Art Upton

    Sold Estes Saturn-V #2157 Limited Edition

    Hi folks, I have two one Zero of these new for sale at $99; plus actual shipping from 43615 of 28x16x15 - 5 pound ship weight in box. These at the time these did not come from the factory shrink wrapped. As you can see the parts in the box are all factory fresh. Contact me at QRZ [at] K8XG...
  5. Crayok

    Kronos E Project is now at the Hangar

    The Kronos E has a new home The Hangar Flight Museum. This was one of those very rewarding team projects. The Team; Shane Weatherill, Ian Stephens, John Glasswick and I spent many an hour getting this rocket into the air and a few more prepping it and making a base to stand upright in The...
  6. bobbyg23

    Estes Saturn V #2157 buld thread

    I found this on facebook and picked it up for a good price. I will do a build thread on it. Can't wait to get started.
  7. Ralph M Bohm

    3D Printing 1/100th scale Saturn V wraps - Has anyone 3D printed these?

    Hello all, Has anyone here created the wraps as shown on the Apogee website here ( but instead of vacuum-forming them, has anyone 3D printed them?
  8. Ralph M Bohm

    3D Printing 1/100th scale Apollo-era Saturn V & associated MLP and LUT

    Hello all, Has anyone designed the interstage wrap for the Saturn V in 1/100th scale using a 3D printer by any chance? I am gathering information in my research to build the rocket and associated launch facility. I currently have an an Ender 3 and really excited with getting started printing...
  9. jsargevt

    xx Sirius Rocketry Saturn V *no longer available*

    Edit: while taking pictures of the parts my wife and son asked me what I was doing and my wife convinced me to keep it and build it. Eventually. Apologies to all of you who were interested. Thinking of an epic winter build for 2020? Miss out on the Saturn V releases earlier in the year...
  10. Viperfixr

    Pictures from MDRA ESL 251, 20-21 July 2019

    I did not see a launch announcement for MDRAs monthly launch, but today was also Apollo themed fpor the 50th Anniversary with a Saturn V mass launch. Here are a few photos from today:
  11. KennB

    CMASS 20 July Launch - Apollo 11 Moon Landing Anniversary - Acton, MA

    Our next club launch is coming up on 20 July in Acton. That day is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and man's first steps on another celestial object. To celebrate the event, CMASS will hold a "Land the Eagle" competition as suggested by NAR. Frank D'Angelo is coordinating this...
  12. mjennings

    Using Paint to Seal masking Tape

    My Saturn V is all masked and ready for the black color coat. I've seen lots of people talk about spraying down the base color to prevent runs under the masking tape. I have the tape worked down into the corrugations pretty well, so I'm hopeful to get clean lines. My question is when I spray...
  13. mjennings

    Saturn V HELP LES Ring

    So in a bone head move, I dropped the Apollo Capsule off the top of my Saturn V (the new 50th anniversary kit). The LES Tower split along the glue joints. I have the capsule the, the two truss-work supports, and the Motor and Nozzle assembly. The ring that goes about 3/4 of the way up the...
  14. M

    Estes Saturn V 2157 with 4x18mm and 1x24mm Cluster & Moldin' Oldies Parts. Started in late 2010. LOL

    So like a lot of other people who have the Saturn V they are looking to build/complete them for the up coming anniversary. And Estes has the newest re-release, which I might get and put in the closet where I had left this one. Me, well I think I got this kit in late 2010 (`DOH) and had started...
  15. grandcross

    1:53 scale Saturn V

    Everybody else is doing it... Ok, so for a variety of reasons, I'm not doing much with the Saturn IB at the moment, but that will change. In the meantime, I'm starting a Saturn V with the goal of having it ready for the 50th anniversary. 1:53 scale so the main body will fit a 7.5" body tube...
  16. barn

    Lego Saturn V launched

    Rebrickulous modifies a Lego Saturn V and launches it.
  17. T

    Estes Saturn 5 build

    This is my first venture into RocketryForum. I'm getting ready to construct my first Saturn V - the Apollo 11 Saturn V #2157 I'm wanting to fly this with E, F, and possibly G engines. So, I'll be using the 24 mm engine tube as the stuffer tube. In order to survive an F or G engine, I'm...
  18. J

    High Resolution 3D Laser SLA Parts for Scratch or Semroc Saturn IB

    Saturn IB in 1/70, 1/72, 1/96 and 1/100 scale. Limited Time Offer to Forum Readers I just came off a project to build several 1/70 scale AS-205 Saturns for the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 7 and I am now in sort of a "recovery mode" to make back my investment of time, $$$, lost sleep, etc., in the...
  19. Dugway

    Sirius Saturn V Mini Build Thread

    I was lucky enough to grab one of these off the forum so I thought I would post a few pictures of my build. After looking at all the other build threads on this kit, I've decided to stick very close to stock. I plan on substituting Blue Tube (already had on hand) for the 3.9" airframe and...
  20. T

    Sold Classic Estes and Aerotech Kits

    Apologies in advance if this post breaks any rules or guidelines... I am selling four classic rocket kits from the 90’s, all NIB, for a friend’s estate. Links to the eBay auctions below: Estes Astro-Blaster...