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  1. ReynoldsSlumber

    Escape tower keeps breaking? Spring-load it.

    Put a proper hood ornament on your '60s hot rod To keep the escape tower on the front of your Apollo or Mercury crew capsule from breaking off, instead of rigidly attaching it, you can spring-load it! I did this once upon a time with a 1/100 Estes Little Joe II kit. Not sure if this exact design...
  2. manixFan

    Sold Saturn 1B Kit #2048 - price drop!

    For sale is an Estes Saturn 1B. The kit is complete with all parts, card stock, decals, and instruction manual. The box is not sealed. I watermarked the pictures to make is harder for someone to reuse them, but can provide others if you send me a PM. Price is $130 + $10 shipping. (One sold just...
  3. J

    High Resolution 3D Laser SLA Parts for Scratch or Semroc Saturn IB

    Saturn IB in 1/70, 1/72, 1/96 and 1/100 scale. Limited Time Offer to Forum Readers I just came off a project to build several 1/70 scale AS-205 Saturns for the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 7 and I am now in sort of a "recovery mode" to make back my investment of time, $$$, lost sleep, etc., in the...