saturn ib

  1. manixFan

    Sold Saturn 1B Kit #2048 - price drop!

    For sale is an Estes Saturn 1B. The kit is complete with all parts, card stock, decals, and instruction manual. The box is not sealed. I watermarked the pictures to make is harder for someone to reuse them, but can provide others if you send me a PM. Price is $130 + $10 shipping. (One sold just...
  2. J

    High Resolution 3D Laser SLA Parts for Scratch or Semroc Saturn IB

    Saturn IB in 1/70, 1/72, 1/96 and 1/100 scale. Limited Time Offer to Forum Readers I just came off a project to build several 1/70 scale AS-205 Saturns for the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 7 and I am now in sort of a "recovery mode" to make back my investment of time, $$$, lost sleep, etc., in the...