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  1. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    LightSail 2 Deploys Solar Sails! Looking out for it in the night sky?

    So I guess Bill Nye the science guy must he happy today The Light Sail 2 spacecraft is awesome! Demonstrating solar sail technology! Looking at the satellite tracker, I would assume you would be able to see it in the sky...
  2. cwbullet

    Satellite Internet Concept This OneWeb satellite constellation is pretty fascinating but it sure seems like a step up for spying. Sorry for the paranoia. Looks like SpaceX and Boeing might be doing something similar or maybe launching for it...
  3. cwbullet

    Interesting news: 1st Satellite Built to Harpoon Space Junk

    1st Satellite Built to Harpoon Space Junk for Disposal Begins Test Flight The first spacecraft to demonstrate active space debris-removal technologies by using harpoon, a net, and a drag sail in orbit has been released from the International Space Station to commence its mission. This concept...