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  1. P

    Dr. Rocket 75-5120 complete motor $350

    I have a Dr. Rocket 75-5120 motor serial number 04-07 blue anodizing. I count 7 flights on it. It's in great condition. Case, seal disk, both closures. You pay shipping (about $25). I'm in Oregon. If interested email me at tra11654@iinet.com or call or text (971)285-6121.
  2. cerving

    The Famous Eggtimer Rocketry Holiday Sale - 2019

    It's that time of the year again, when Eggtimer fans of the past, present, and future take advantage of the joy of the holidays and save big bucks (which can be used to buy motors or "that" kit that you've been pining for). Since we don't like being haunted by spirits at 4:00 am in order to...
  3. dvdsnyd

    SOLD Eggtimer TRS, Fully Built

    Hello, I have for sale a fully built Eggtimer TRS. $70, plus shipping, Paypal Friends and Family. Only flown once or twice - works well. This is the same price as a kit in the last year's Eggtimer holiday sale. Thanks, Dave
  4. K

    xx Large amount of rocket items - Need help pricing

    I recently purchased a house and the previous owner was a rocket enthusiast. He had a lathe and made all sorts of stuff for rockets on it. He left all of his rockets and related items. I have no idea what there worth or if there outdated. I live in lake Zurich Il. If anyone could help me I would...
  5. mperegrinefalcon

    SOLD 2 Brand new kits

    Hey all, I am selling off these last 2 kits. Both sim files are attached. These are both designed by me and were test fitted to insure perfect fit. Both sims attached. The Delta sim is the mass of mine completed, I have not completed the Having A Blast yet, so no finished weight on that one yet...
  6. FalconRocketry

    Falcon Rocketry Grand Opening Sale!!!!

    Falcon Rocketry is having a grand opening sale now that all products are in stock! To celebrate and mark the beginning of our journey providing high quality fiberglass rocket kits, we decided reduce prices on all items by 15%! This sale lasts from November 15-22 (Thanksgiving Day) or until...