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  1. Ravenex

    LiquidFyre Rocketry Switch

    I am working on a new safety switch designed specifically for rocketry. Anywhere that your electronics will ignite a motor, and also in some ejection setups this switch is designed to improve safety and prevent accidental firing from mistakes or component failures. The switch will be a highly...
  2. K'Tesh

    Treed Rockets: Robin Hood Recovery... And Some Warnings

    As satisfying as it sounds, cutting down trees that have caught your rocket is a bad idea... Put down your chainsaw (and cut out the snarky remarks). Here's some ideas to help you get your rocket back. But first a warning: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECOVER your rockets (kites, drones, etc.) that are...
  3. Jose Saura

    3D Printing Suggestions for testing 3D printed parts

    This thread is for gathering suggestions on how to evaluate the strength of 3D printed components before flying. For example, how do you ensure a fincan can sustain the forces of a given motor, that the nose cone won't shatter, that the fins won't break upon landing or the shock cord won't...
  4. wyattjohnson35

    Rules that Prohibit Propulsive Landing of Rocket or Lander?

    So I am competing in the Battle of the Rockets 2019 competition, and although propulsive landings aren't allowed, I did the math and really want to build a test bed just to get the experience and learn a bit about this subject. I've seen model rockets do propulsive landings in the past with...
  5. lowga

    Hard Hats in HPR

    BAR, only returned to rocketry about two years ago--and that was my first foray into HPR. Old enough (and hopefully wise enough) to be very serious about safety. Fortunate to be in a section that feels the same way. I'm curious if the NAR or TRA has ever considered adding a requirement for HPR...