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  1. dvdsnyd

    Eggtimer altimeters for Tripoli altitude record attempt

    Hi all, I've got something cooking for an altitude record attempt for Tripoli. Looking into approved altimeters, I came across the following: 2.0 Rules and procedures 2.0.1 Flights less than 30,000 feet MSL: TRA flyers may use any commercially manufactured, barometer based altimeter for their...
  2. cwbullet

    Tips and rules for the Yard Sale section

    Originally posted by Kevin (TROJ) but edited by cwbullet: Tips and Rules: Items that are aerospace-oriented (rocketry, R/C, control-line, etc) are acceptable for listing in this area. It is strongly encouraged that pictures be included when posting items for sale. Motors and other items with...
  3. wyattjohnson35

    Rules that Prohibit Propulsive Landing of Rocket or Lander?

    So I am competing in the Battle of the Rockets 2019 competition, and although propulsive landings aren't allowed, I did the math and really want to build a test bed just to get the experience and learn a bit about this subject. I've seen model rockets do propulsive landings in the past with...
  4. J

    Model Rocketry Education Programs???

    Hello, I am a 13 year old who wants to get into model rocketry. I researched the regulations and learned that it is illegal for me to purchase or launch a model rocket unless I am in a "bona fide model rocketry education program". What does this mean? Is there an education program that I can...