1. P

    MissileWorks RRC3 not recognized on laptop

    We're a student team trying to build a sounding rocket, for which we are using MissieWorks RRC3 as our primary flight computer. We have used the standard adapter given to connect it to our laptop. But as soon as I connect it to the laptop, it says "device malfunctioned". When I checked the...
  2. Curtis Enlow

    Greetings! New member buying LOC IV with lots of questions!

    Greetings! I am a new member here, so some personal background: I grew up as a 60's 'space kid' and used to fly rockets as a kid (in my day 'D' motors were HUGE, as well as the only thing available here at that time), and then, again, as an adult with my son. I have pretty extensive tech...