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  1. ecargmij

    3" black brant sim file

    Hi all, I have a friend that picked up what looks to be a rocketry warehouse black brant kit.. its missing parts so we were hoping there would be a sim file out there.. its not the conical nosecone version of black brant but the 4 fin/ogive nosecone version of black brant (like the black brant...
  2. C

    Ejection Delay Differences in Rocksim

    I recently got Rocksim and I'm in the process of building the Semper Fi from LOC. It's not finished yet, so I'm using the standard Rocksim file from LOC to understand a few things about choosing an ejection delay. I'm trying to understand why the CTI H143 optimal delay changes when I change the...
  3. C

    Zephyr Stability (Openrocket vs. RockSim)

    Hi Everyone, I am currently working toward an L1 certification using the Zephyr kit from Apogee. I am basically done with construction, but when I started looking at the OpenRocket model to determine my delay for motor ejection I noticed a really disconcerting discrepancy between the...
  4. Rocketman1955


    Custom designed for my Tripoli Level 3 Certification with Rocksim software. All Public Missiles custom cut fiberglass. 12'5" Tall and 7.7" diameter. Launched only three times. Includes custom rocket transport cart and PVC rack pictured. Also includes two Sky Angle Level 3 parachutes, Missile...
  5. DuckMaster

    TARC Rocket Weathercocking Issue

    Hello, I am new to designing model rockets and while designing one for a TARC challenge, my rocket weathercocks a large amount even though I have a low margin (0.6) and the wind speed in RockSim 10 is only slightly breezy (8-14 mph). The launch guide length that I am using is 8 feet and I am...
  6. MachDiamond

    Found Rocksim Pro Please

    Does anyone have a copy of Rocksim Pro they can sell me? It is temporarily unavailable on the Apogee website due to software upgrades and I would like to verify some numbers before the end of the week. Please PM me. Thanks, Mach Diamond
  7. JohnCoker API coming back

    I have made progress on the API. The "compatible" and new-style endpoints for metadata, search and download are working. This should enable RockSim and OpenRocket to download data again. If anyone else has programs that query and download data from, they should be working as...
  8. etsakimoto

    Ring Tail Issues in RockSim

    I picked up a couple of parts from a free parts bin at my local launch, and want to build a ring tail rocket with them. My current plan has a 4 inch body tube and a 5 inch ring tail that is 1 inch long. However, I am dubious of RockSim's accuracy on the matter. Adding a ring tail to the rocket...
  9. Chilly

    4" Mercury Redstone File?

    Hi all, Been away from the forums for a long time (more on that later), and I'm back with a question... I'm finishing up a Boyce Aerospace Mercury Redstone builder's kit (4" diameter) and need a Rocksim or Open Rocket file. Does anybody have one? Thanks!
  10. Brian-Tampa

    MAC Black Fly

    Hello, I was thinking of purchasing a 4" Black Fly kit from MAC Performance. Their site does not have the correct RockSim file for this rocket in the 4" version. (.rkt file format) They do have the file for the 3" version which I downloaded and loaded into RockSim. The file is showing .33 margin...
  11. D

    Rocket Simulation Guidelines

    I am relatively new to the rocket simulation world and I am looking to leverage the knowledge and experience of those that may be further down the road. I'm currently using RockSim as I've been simulating various part and engine configurations for a 1.68x Orbital Transport booster / glider...
  12. tOD

    Rocksim question

    Attached is a photo of my Rocksim window when I open the file for the Mach1 BT55 Scat that I downloaded from the site. Does anyone know what the (CG: nan In) means? If i load an engine and run a simulation it doesn't produce any data. I'm still learning to use the software and I'm not really the...
  13. A

    RockSim Errors - HELP

    Hi there! I am using RockSim (free trial) and it says that it does not leave the launch pad. Any ideas?
  14. M

    OpenRocket not recognizing intermediate stage after export from RockSim.

    Hi everyone! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I'm intentionally reposting this here and deleting the old thread, because on reflection it doesn't quite fit in "Rocketry Electronics and Software." No replies over there to miss, either. I'm exploring high-altitude darts, and conversations...
  15. M

    OpenRocket not recognizing intermediate stage after export from RockSim.

    Hi everyone! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I'm exploring high-altitude darts, and conversations with a friend of mine with a large amount of HPR experience has led to some design exchanges. Unfortunately, we both use different sim software - he uses RockSim, and I use OpenRocket. This...
  16. PhlAsh

    RockSim won't Open in Win10

    RockSim has stopped working for me in Win10. A file called WerFault.exe fires (according to Task Manager) and then stops. No error message or anything.
  17. Mustang67

    Rocksim assistance for Wildman Ultimate Interceptor

    Working on building a RockSim file for a Wildman Ultimate Interceptor. This is a modified build of the interceptor. My booster is 66" VS 60 and my payload bay is 48 vs 30. AV bay is 17 vs 16. Total length will be 12Ft 10” Being I am not well versed with RockSim, I decided to start off with...
  18. B

    Rocksim - is it possible to scale a rocket (and all the parts) in Rocksim?

    I would like to increase the size of a model I have created in Rocksim by 25%. Is there a scaling tool where I can scale the whole rocket without having to remodel every part? I would then go in a adjust as needed. Thanks Ben