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  1. kevindcornwell

    Alien Worlds, Fantasy Planets, Real Rockets

    I am really torn between my love of building scratch rockets, designing rockets, designing aliens worlds, and flying rockets. Since I can't make up my mind — I won't. So here is a thread for all those who along with me look far beyond Mars when we take flights of fancy. Here are two of my recent...
  2. TopRamen

    TopRamen to Ground Control

    Howdy guys and gals. I'm working on it.
  3. K'Tesh

    It's Alive! IT'S ALIVE!!! IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!
  4. WillCarney

    Sold NCR-ESTES Interceptor G and Big Brute

    I have both sealed in box. 150.00 each. I can ship two ways. Put them in a box which doubles shipping cost or ship them as is with a little extra tape. This risks shipping damage but is cheaper. Shipping and Paypal fees extra. William
  5. WillCarney

    Sold ESTES 2177 Nightwing kits.

    I have two 2177 Nightwing kits, both are opened. Each has colored chute reinforcers instead of white. One kit is open but fine. 25.00 One kit is open with tube dent and one small balsa part missing. 20.00 (Part easily duplicated since other sheet has same diecut part) Shipping and PayPal...
  6. B

    Custom Launch Pad

    I just finished this custom launch pad, I have been working on this for about three years off and on. Their are more upgrades I am going to add, such as a countdown timer, nav lights, alarm and some other details. It is a 1/4" rod on the one side and a 1010 rail not he other, which drops for...
  7. zooba72

    Estes Starter Kits ?

    Hello Everyone, This is first post, as a child growing up in the late 70's & 80's we used to launch rockets all the time and I wanted to introduce my son to it. My question - Are the Estes Starter Kits good? There are several on Amazon but was wondering what the quality is like. Any thoughts...