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  1. W

    Starter kit worth it?

    Are starter kits like this one worth it for complete beginners? Don't get me wrong, I understand that having even the smallest...
  2. W

    Rocketry in Austria

    Hi, it's my first time posting something here or generally using a forum so I'm sorry If I made my thread wrong in anyway or an answer to this question has already been posted. Now to my question, are there any rocketry clubs or organisations in Austria? Or at least do you know any rules or...
  3. Crayok

    3D Printing EggTimer Receiver box

    Finished building most of the Back Friday sale order then had to build a field box for the rev B5 receiver along with GPS and Voice. Bluetooth can be there to but for the moment just double side tape it to the base. There is an SCAD file for modifications, I warn you though, the code needs...
  4. R

    Rocketry Research Project - Q&A

    My name is Robert Kammermann and I am a Year 11 Student at Navigator College in Port Lincoln, Australia. As part of my Year 11, I am doing a Research Project on, "How is a High-Performance Model Rocket Built?”. Before I start my own build, I am interested in collecting Qualitative data from...
  5. T

    Hi from Barcelona, Spain

    Hello fellow rocketeers, my name is Alejandro (but I prefer Alex), I'm 22 yo and I live in Barcelona, Spain. I'm currently at high school trying to get into the aerospace engineer career here at UPC (usually this is done at 17/18 yo here but I have studied and worked before too). I'm amazed...
  6. ismetkocabas

    ARRD working mechanism

    Hi, I hope everyone is well. We want to use ARRD in our rocket. But there is a point we don't understand in a working mechanism. Before we buy it, we need to understand the system. The key point is the connection. How it is connected to the body. What is the function of ball bearing? Is it just...
  7. bp funnel 0 15mm ABS MK3S 36m 20200705232648

    bp funnel 0 15mm ABS MK3S 36m 20200705232648

    3d printed Black Powder Funnel for Rocketry
  8. sinclag

    New Hobby Parachute Line

    BlackCat Rocketry is delighted to announce the creation of a new line of hobby rocketry parachutes. Made from 1.1oz ripstop nylon Printed in 3 colour patterns sizes 10" and 12" diameter mil-spec paracord Perfect fore those small rockets where weight and airframe space are limited...
  9. J

    Long Burning (7+ sec) PVC Solid rocket motor, around 8-12N thrust?

    Hi, I'm working on a project, to make a self landing hobby rocket, but with a solid rocket motor. I would like it to be a slow burnin one preferably with a stable thrust througout the burn time of it. I want to be able to make it at home (obviously I would order ingreedients), so that I can...
  10. tryerse

    EVENT AP Showers Oregon Rocketry

    Apr 26 - 28 Brothers, OR 8am - 5pm Fri/Sat, 8am - 2pm Sun Onsite dry camping, 20,460' standing waiver, windows to 42,460' (all AGL) Fee: $20 individual, $30 family, members free Gate GPS Lat 43.8231°, Lon 120.638°
  11. kevindcornwell

    Taurus Alpha

    My latest for Christmas fun. 6 fins of 1/16" ply on a BT-80 fuselage. No payload - it's just a clear body tube. 40" tall with 24mm motors (up to F with reloads). 20mm rail and 24" chute in fin tube with a baffle so no extra ejecta. Here's the thorn in my side: The 'milky' result on the coupler...
  12. Ben Martin

    3D Printing Free 3D printed fin can design for HPR

    I am releasing the design file and 3D model for a fincan I design for high powered rockets. Everyone is free to use the design and change it to meet their needs. If you have any suggestions for improvements, feel free to post them in the replies. Link to design file and 3D model...
  13. S

    Experiment help

    Hey everyone, Being an IB student requires one to write a 4000 word essay on a subject of your preference. Mine is physics. So, I wisely decided to conduct an experiment based on model rocketry; namely potassium nitrate and sugar rockets, but dry compacted like Grant Thompson does it in the...
  14. F

    High Power Rockets

    Hello, I am looking for a professional that can help me with some guidance, tips and tutorials while I start my first high power rocket build. I am willing to pay per hour or lessons (or whatever you prefer). If you are interested, please message me or email me. Thanks. **If this is not...
  15. JonathanOtt

    xx Share what you find on Craigslist

    Find something rocketry related on Craigslist, post it here. Please make a new post for each item with a hyperlink. I'll start it off with a few. MODERATORS: Please delete if inappropriate. I'm just trying to help spread the word on some good (and maybe not so good) deals. Jon