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  1. A

    Is this model rocket complete? Do I need anything else?

    I have created a model rocket design capable of 2500 ~ 2700 ft, and I am wondering if my model rocket design is missing something. I have: 1. The two engines for the individual stages. 2. The engine blocks. 3. Tube couplers for my staging. 4. Parachute and shock cord. 5. Mass component of 70...
  2. C

    Where to put camera and how to get a shot of the ground at apogee

    Tldr: How would you do, fast rocket goes high makes it harder. I want to make a L2 rocket that goes up to a high altitude and has a video feed that includes the ground so that I can calculate the altitude about ground and compare it to apogee data from barometer and altimeter. My goal is at...
  3. Ghulam Mohiuddin

    Questions about getting Rocketry parts and Rocket Engines in an non-US Country

    Hi, I am quite new into rocketry. The problem is that I am currently living in Pakistan, which does not have any parts for rocketry. I am trying to build a small rocket which is around 50cm long and just strong enough to get to 300-500 meters and that I can successfully launch it and recover it...
  4. M

    Cause of RUD at Max-Q

    I'm a member of a rocketry team at Purdue University, and our team's rocket broke apart right before burnout, probably supersonic. I thought we broke a fin, but the fincan was recovered with all 4 fins still solidly attached. Any ideas on the cause of failure? Video footage, wreckage, and .ork...
  5. M

    Very Strange Question

    I developed a Model Rocket entirely from scratch using 3D printed body and home made engine and presented it for expo in my college. It took me 2 months of severe hard work to make it so far. But, despite my hardwork teacher asked "What is this used for?","What's new in this?","Why is your model...