rocket electronics

  1. UltraQ

    Looking to buy minitimer/microtimer for delayed parachute deployment

    Hello, My team and I are currently looking for a minitimer for our payload's recovery system, but we have not been successful the past few months. If you have a timer you are looking to sell, please email at, [email protected] In the email please provide some pictures of the product. Thanks!
  2. B

    Installing sensors on EasyMini

    Hi everyone, me and my team are currently trying to build a rocket to take place in a tech competition. But we have few problems about the electronic part. Due to unavailable stocks of rocket cards we are only able to buy an EasyMini. We need the rocket to be in contact with us and tell its...
  3. RockeTiltometer

    RockeTiltometer 3 released...

    …innovation at its finest… Rocket Electronics announces release of the RockeTiltometer 3 Industry News by Rocket Electronics August 2021 EL CAJON, California USA — Rocket Electronics is pleased to announce the release of the next generation of its flagship product. The RockeTiltometer(TM)...