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  1. Crayok

    Kronos E Project is now at the Hangar

    The Kronos E has a new home The Hangar Flight Museum. This was one of those very rewarding team projects. The Team; Shane Weatherill, Ian Stephens, John Glasswick and I spent many an hour getting this rocket into the air and a few more prepping it and making a base to stand upright in The...
  2. Dry fit Nikre Smoke Photos.jpeg

    Dry fit Nikre Smoke Photos.jpeg

    Dry fit Nike Smoke Photos
  3. Chuck D12

    Chuck D12

    Chuck Haislip's 3D printed rocket on a D12. Sections were gently friction fitted with a shock cord from the fin section to the nose cone. The attachment tabs...
  4. hambirm2018

    Honest John

    Built this guy.
  5. S

    Using Side Thrusters on a missile to create an angular acceleration

    Assume a rocket is standing on the ground with mass = 1000 kg, and near the top of rocket we apply a force of 100 N for say 1 sec,now assume that this is sufficient to tip rocket over/start tipping over. If the rocket is mid air and accelerating at 30m/s^2, then likewise how much force would be...
  6. R

    Pressurizing and Cooling liquid fuel rockets.

    Hi! I am 11, and I’m quarantined at home and bored. So, I started building an imaginary rocket! I’m not sure what thread to put this in, so if anyone wants to give me some advice on using this forum I’d be grateful. This is my question: I had an idea, of using helium (does that even absorb a...
  7. robbdm

    David and John Robb's Rocket Launches - 2020 March - Tripoli San Diego's Havoc #4

    Traveled down from Northern California for Tripoli San Diego Havoc #4 launch. Held at the Holtville closed airport near the Mexico border. This my first outing this year. Weather was good except for windy Saturday afternoon. Full moon lit up the night. Wild Flowers... Range setup...
  8. M

    Faraday Cage and Rocket with Payload

    Hi, we're working on a rocket with payload, and wanna check this rocket on computer during the rocket is flying (i mean check altitude, temperature, pressure etc). And i see this phenomenia "Faraday Cage" effect on electronic stuffs, radio frewuency and i remember we're using aluminum on rocket...
  9. erockets

    eRockets Facebook Page

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  10. erockets

    Sabre Glider

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  11. turkkusuroket

    I need to help for error.

    Hi everyone. I build a rocket in Open Rocket. I have a problem when run simulation. I uptaded .org file and a picture that shown error message. What is the solution of the error? Thanks
  12. RocketEnthusiast101

    How much thrust would be required for a rocket reaching an altitude of 100km?

    Hi. How much thrust would be required for a rocket reaching an altitude of 100km and also what set of formulas should I be using?
  13. Buddy Michaelson

    Go Fast Rocket Kit

    I am currently working on a 1:3 Scale of our Space Shot Rocket, which will hopefully come out later this month or the first week in November. This rocket has a 75mm Body Tube and a 54mm MMT, and is 88” tall. The rocket will include a SCP Thrust Plate machined from billet aluminum and a 4.5”...
  14. C

    Arduino Radio Transceiver

    Hi, I am wanting to transmit GPS coordinates and altitude from an Arduino onboard a model rocket that will go 1km high, to another Arduino on the ground. The purpose is just to assist in finding the rocket once it lands. I was needing something cheap but also not too large (about 3-4cm). I was...
  15. Q

    Help the growing passion for rockets in Costa Rica

    Hello everybody I belong to a group of students currently undergoing our studies in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering at the University of Costa Rica. We have been involved with Aerospace activities as active members of the Aerospace Engineering Group (GIA)...
  16. rocketsharma

    Indian launch Vehicles

    Hello Everyone, It is well known to everyone that India is one of the leading space faring nations of the World. After a hiatus of a decade, and inspired by Alfonso Moreno from axm paper models, I decided to restart my hobby. I have so far completed the SLV-3 and ASLV rockets, the 1st and 2nd...
  17. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    What is your go to Rocketry Project Tape

    Just another fun question to ask the community. It seems we all have our go to tape of choice when building rockets. Here are a few I see used on rockets, what are yours? Mine is Blue painters tape Masking tape BLUE painterd tape Gorilla Tape Duck Tape Electrical tape Gaff tape What else...
  18. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    Any Advice for HPR Build Newbies?

    Hey everyone! I decided to challenge myself and build my second 2 stage high powered rocket. It consists of mailing tubes and 3d printed parts. I ran a whole bunch of Simulations with OpenRocket and cross checked to make sure the parameters there match the actual built rocket. Yukon's first...
  19. J

    KNSB Rocket Motor Nozzle

    Hi, I visited the site of Nakka Rocketry and tried to use an excel document to figure out the best shaped nozzle for my rocket, but it didn't work for some reason. Here are my rocket motor specs, maybe you can help me out with how to get the best nozzle design? - Motor case: 3/4 inch PVC...