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  1. jbturner24

    Sold Trailing Edge Technologies 'Estate' sale (DFW Area)

    Hello all, Some of you may have known my mom & dad, James (Jim) & Sharon Turner who lived in the DFW area. My father passed away 20+ years ago and we recently lost my mom to cancer. My parents ran a rocketry supply business (Trailing Edge Technologies) consisting of Aerotech, Dr. Rocket...
  2. K

    Hobbylinc Sale on 18/20 RMS Aerotech

    For those who want to get an Aerotech 18/20 RMS now is a good time. Hobbylinc has them on sale for $20.39. The D13 is a great motor for small, heavy rockets. Tom
  3. P

    3D Printing Aerotech RMS Wrench

    I designed a printable aft closure wrench for the Aerotech Hobby Line reloadable motors, like the one that AT sells but with a longer handle for better leverage and grip. I have not used it yet, although my 29/40-120 case is arriving later today so I will likely use it soon. You can download it...
  4. kevindcornwell

    Sold AT/Dr. Rocket RMS 75/2560 casing

    75/2560 Aerotech/Dr. Rocket motor casing. Bought used, never used myself. Case only, no closures or FSD. In excellent condition. $75 + shipping and it's yours.