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  1. Timothy

    Thrust Plate / Retainer Dimensions Request

    I'm planning on buying a 6" - 75MM THRUST PLATE and an AEROPACK 75MM RETAINER - (FLANGED). Does anyone have the CAD or dimensions for the parts? If not, I actually just need to know two things (images for reference): A: What is the height of the ledge (so I know how high the motor sits in the...
  2. Brian-Tampa

    Motor Adapter for Minimum Diameter Rocket

    Looking to build my first minimum diameter rocket. Currently thinking of the Mad Cow 2.2 Go Devil. It of course takes a 54mm motor. I was planning on epoxying a 54mm minimum retainer and then utilizing Aero Pack extenders for different 54mm case lengths. I would also like to use 38mm motors in...
  3. dumbquestions

    Why is JB Weld needed on Aeropac retainers when not using motor ejection?

    Motor ejection could try to push a motor casing out the back, so you want your retainer on pretty good. What about for larger motors where we're not using motor ejection? Is there really enough gas pressure in the tube that there is a risk of pushing the motor case out the back? Or is there...