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  1. H

    Questions regarding equations for calculating the force of a parachute opening.

    Hello everyone. I am currently working with a collegiate rocketry team to develop and fly a flight vehicle that is going to test a student designed roll-control system. Currently, I am performing an analysis of the rockets recovery system, to ensure that all components are strong enough to...
  2. AtlPhilip

    Advice needed: Lathes

    I am considering adding a metal lathe to my shop. As it will primarily be a hobby tool (for now), I do not want to spend a fortune. But I also do not want to spend good money on a piece of junk. i.e. Buy cheap, buy twice. Experience? I get the concepts, but have never actually used a lathe...
  3. G

    High School Science Research Topic Assistance: Cold Gas Thruster

    Hello Everyone, For my high school science research project, I want to research different 3D-printed nozzle designs for a Cold Gas Thruster. I want to learn about this type of propulsion as I research. However, I'm confused about how I would build the entire system and test stand. I want to be...
  4. Samsulajojo

    Sold 75MM research snap ring casing set

    I have a complete set of 10 - 75 mm research snap ring casings. The longest casing measures 35” the shortest casing measures 14.5”. It also includes a case of nozzles, closures and snap rings. I never was able to get into research motors. With my time constraints buying motors is better for me...
  5. F

    Model Rocket Building Survey

    Hey guys, as part of my year 12 (senior year) research project i'm conducting a survey aimed at people who have built a model rocket before. It only takes a few minutes and I would really appreciate it if you could do it. I would also really appreciate it if you could share the survey link to...
  6. Kanishka Deepak

    Research papers on Recovery Systems: Conference and Symposiums?

    Hi :) I wanted to know the international conferences that are going to be held and under which symposium can I submit my research abstract(related to Recovery Systems like Parachutes, Aerodynamic Decelerators, Drogue and Main Chute deployment mechanisms etc.,) ? Also, Can you suggest the...
  7. Tweeks

    Mid-Atlantic NRVR BFSL Summer Research Launch + Motor Mixing Class!

    If you're anywhere near the mid-Atlantic (SU) region, you need to spend the 50th Apollo anniversarry with us! We have a lot planned: Friday 7/19 - 54mm APC Motor Mixing Workshop! By Ben and Elaine Russell (from TRA outreach) Friday, all-day, hands on workshop (before our two day research...
  8. lowga

    Florida Man Arrested for Making his Own Explosives (TATP)

    According to his statement, he started making homemade explosives after becoming interested in them from his "model rocket hobby." Anyone in the Orlando area know Jared Coburn, age 37? His statement claimed that he was attempting to make homemade fireworks. The bomb squad dug a hole in a...