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  1. danisman

    Broken Fin Repair

    I sustained a broken fin: 1/8” plywood and it broke across the grain, pretty clean. I was able to re-approximate the pieces nicely with CA (2nd photo), then sanded down through the paint & primer (3rd & 4th photos). It feels solid, but I’m assuming the crack will remain a weak point and thus...
  2. jmuck78

    Recon Recovery Chute Repair?

    Conducted a deployment test on my LOC VII, and didn't protect the main chute sufficiently. The deployment test worked, but I now have a 3 inch burn hole in my Recon Recovery 60'' chute. I have some kevlar thread - and I'm thinking I can sew it with some kevlar thread. Has anyone repaired...
  3. tollyman

    Question: Fin Repair

    I recently flew my unique 12" diameter sonotube scratch build level 3 certification rocket and unfortunately the main parachute didnt open. This lead to one of the fins breaking in half and cracking and another fin fillet to crack. The fins are made of 1/2" plywood. My plan was to cleanly cut...