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  1. whiskeyBear326

    Sold Aerotech 54mm RMS Hardware

    I've been out of the hobby for a while and don't see myself investing in a Level 2 build at any point in the near future so I'm looking to clear out a few things including the 54mm RMS motor hardware I've got. There's been some interest in me piecing this out, so let's go with this. - (1 Sold)...
  2. R

    Sold 98mm hardware and 38mm reloads

    Hey folks, I am scaling down a tad, keeping everything except 98mm stuff and two reloads that I won't use. I have: 98mm Loki hardware consisting of: 98mm Nozzle carrier .688 throat graphite nozzle for carrier (for the 2 grain 5kns case) fired 3 times Full diameter graphite nozzle, 1 inch...
  3. tOD

    Newbie needs help

    I would appreciate some guidance on assembling an Aerotech 38mm motor. I'm still pretty new at rocketry and haven't built one before (I did build one of their "loadable" motors) I have a 38/360 case and the adaptor kit. I want to load the H130W propellant for an L1 attempt. I think I'm OK...