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  1. McTschegsn

    Estes Mercury Redstone Building Log

    Good Morning all, Yesterday it finally happened. Cut open the bag and off we went. The instructions want you to build the capsule first, but I decided to start with the bottom part of the rocket. The fins were cut out and glued together quickly, although I have to say that I've seen better...
  2. Chilly

    4" Mercury Redstone File?

    Hi all, Been away from the forums for a long time (more on that later), and I'm back with a question... I'm finishing up a Boyce Aerospace Mercury Redstone builder's kit (4" diameter) and need a Rocksim or Open Rocket file. Does anybody have one? Thanks!
  3. A

    Estes Redstone Build: Tips? Tricks?

    Got a Redstone kit for xmas and I'm looking forward to putting it together. Anything to do or to avoid to make the kit better? It says it'll do 200' on a C motor. That's...awfully low. Is that accurate? If it *is*, that's actually kinda good - I have a fairly small flying field. Does it take...