1. Ralph M Bohm

    Xoss GPS Trackers, anyone use one?

    Hello all, Has anyone used a Xoss GPS tracker? I've received mine and looking for a 3D-printed mount and thought maybe someone has already made one for it. Ralph
  2. lemon

    packing size of a parachute in real life

    How can i determine packing size of a parachute in real life from open rocket? i got packing diameter - 3.8inch and packing length - 15.7inch in Open Rocket for the 12ft Pro Experimental Drogue Parachute by Rocketman. This will be used in a rocket whose apogee is around 3000 feet (1 km to be...
  3. UltraQ

    Unable to obtain minitimer for our payload's recovery system. Any suggestions or replacements we should look into?

    Hello, My team and I have been working on a payload project where our recovery system needs to be delayed but a couple of seconds after it has separated from the rocket. We have been attempting to get our hands on a minitimer since the end of last year, and still have yet to find one for sale...
  4. UltraQ

    Looking to buy minitimer/microtimer for delayed parachute deployment

    Hello, My team and I are currently looking for a minitimer for our payload's recovery system, but we have not been successful the past few months. If you have a timer you are looking to sell, please email at, [email protected]. In the email please provide some pictures of the product. Thanks!
  5. Ctbch05

    Rear deployed chute

    How would I go about a rear deployed parachute? Not any particular build or rocket just in general. Would it involve redirecting the ejection charge blast with an mushroom or inverted funnel type shape?
  6. J

    Parachute Steering for Payload

    Hi, there I am using a parachute(parafoil) to steer the payload. I need the code for that, by steering I want to reduce the range. Can anyone help me in this.
  7. Robsrockettime

    CR and recovery attachment question

    OK… So I’m finishing up the fin can portion of my LOC 4in AMRAAM build and I’ve run into a bit of a dilemma. Will epoxying the top CR/recovery eyelet to the fin can by applying an epoxy to the inside and outside of the MMT(inside radius), then epoxying CR to the inside of the coupler going to...
  8. E

    Giant Leap Rocketry: ACME & Kevlar products on sale

    FYI- GLR is running a sale on their ACME and kelvar product lines until the end of the year. Looks like discounts are running 25-50%, so can be a good time to pick up some of those needed supplies...
  9. ismetkocabas

    ARRD working mechanism

    Hi, I hope everyone is well. We want to use ARRD in our rocket. But there is a point we don't understand in a working mechanism. Before we buy it, we need to understand the system. The key point is the connection. How it is connected to the body. What is the function of ball bearing? Is it just...
  10. BremoSupremo

    Rocket Paraglider - Flying A Traditional High Power Rocket Back to You!

    So I may be new to this forum but I am not new to rocketry. With that in mind I cam up for this concept of what I like to call "active recovery" where the parachute is controlled in some way. The idea here is that after being inspired by an Radio controlled paraglider I saw, why not incorporate...
  11. Philip Tiberius D.

    Line Cutter…

    I have a Prairie Twister that doesn’t seem to “cut it” (sorry for that) but seriously I can’t get it to cut a zip tie even when I pack it full of 4F powder. I’ve thought of milling one end to something of an edge as both sides are blunt. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance. Philip
  12. SierraDrinker

    Question on parachute fabric

    I am sewing my own parachute using Scotty Bryce's template. I wasn't able to find 1.1 oz ripstop nylon which seems to be the go-to fabric. The only ripstop I was able to find locally (Calgary, Alberta) was much heavier. I think over 6 oz. Aside from adding weight to my rocket, do you foresee...
  13. dvdsnyd

    GPS Drift, Rocket Landing Predictor and visualizer Spreadsheet

    Out of a desire to understand a little more where my rockets could potentially land leading up to the launch, and the morning of launch. As well as predicting where anomalous flights may go(main at apogee failures anyone?) Especially after having treed a couple rockets in my close flying circle...
  14. wij

    Large/Heavy Rocket Recovery.

    I have searched the recovery forum for a while and have found a few answers but I still have some questions for people with experience. - Cable cutter or tender descender for ~10 lb rocket ? I will be building a LOC Warlock 54mm with a 6 ft main chute and I want to have some way of a low main...
  15. RalPh8

    Thoughts on drone recovery?

    I’m sure people have tried this by now... what are y’all’s thoughts on drone recovery of rockets? I see this being helpful for reconnaissance of a property you don’t have permission to be on.. looking around for the rocket. Then maybe even actual recovery by installing a hook and landing on top...
  16. R

    Recovery using Lifting-Body Design

    Please note, I will be posting information on this project when I have more information. Please don't respond to this thread at this time. Thank you. Richard I want to develop a small lifting body design. Initially balloon or rocket lifted during development and controlled to...
  17. Joekeyo

    Plastic nose cone attachment point

    There is some controversy about the molded into attachment point on an PNC as being weak. Is this a real problem? If so, I am interested in any suggestions on how to beef it up
  18. Culprit

    Chocolate Rocket

    This scratch build began with my son taking a knife to a Nerf football and stuffing it into a Tootsie Roll tube coin bank - a small one. He brought it to breakfast and told me he wanted to turn it into the Chocolate Rocket. He sourced some tube fins from the Rolo candy cane tubes you see at...
  19. Burak

    How can i open the parachute without any system on 600m

    Hello! I should open the parachute of payload on 600m. And i shouldn't use any recovery system. Is this imposible? Or is there any solution? Payload is not inside on rocket - free fall
  20. Burak

    Recovery system calculate (black powder grams)

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemens. I am new for rocket science and this forum site. I have a problem. I cant calculate black powder grams. Can you help to me? My designed rocket; ** 16 cm diameter ** 25 kg weight (with engine) -(19 kg without engine) ** Firtst body height 158 cm ** First body's...