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  1. dvdsnyd

    GPS Drift, Rocket Landing Predictor and visualizer Spreadsheet

    Out of a desire to understand a little more where my rockets could potentially land leading up to the launch, and the morning of launch. As well as predicting where anomalous flights may go(main at apogee failures anyone?) Especially after having treed a couple rockets in my close flying circle...
  2. wij

    Large/Heavy Rocket Recovery.

    I have searched the recovery forum for a while and have found a few answers but I still have some questions for people with experience. - Cable cutter or tender descender for ~10 lb rocket ? I will be building a LOC Warlock 54mm with a 6 ft main chute and I want to have some way of a low main...
  3. RalPh8

    Thoughts on drone recovery?

    I’m sure people have tried this by now... what are y’all’s thoughts on drone recovery of rockets? I see this being helpful for reconnaissance of a property you don’t have permission to be on.. looking around for the rocket. Then maybe even actual recovery by installing a hook and landing on top...
  4. R

    Recovery using Lifting-Body Design

    Please note, I will be posting information on this project when I have more information. Please don't respond to this thread at this time. Thank you. Richard I want to develop a small lifting body design. Initially balloon or rocket lifted during development and controlled to...
  5. Joekeyo

    Plastic nose cone attachment point

    There is some controversy about the molded into attachment point on an PNC as being weak. Is this a real problem? If so, I am interested in any suggestions on how to beef it up
  6. Culprit

    Chocolate Rocket

    This scratch build began with my son taking a knife to a Nerf football and stuffing it into a Tootsie Roll tube coin bank - a small one. He brought it to breakfast and told me he wanted to turn it into the Chocolate Rocket. He sourced some tube fins from the Rolo candy cane tubes you see at...
  7. Burak

    How can i open the parachute without any system on 600m

    Hello! I should open the parachute of payload on 600m. And i shouldn't use any recovery system. Is this imposible? Or is there any solution? Payload is not inside on rocket - free fall
  8. Burak

    Recovery system calculate (black powder grams)

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemens. I am new for rocket science and this forum site. I have a problem. I cant calculate black powder grams. Can you help to me? My designed rocket; ** 16 cm diameter ** 25 kg weight (with engine) -(19 kg without engine) ** Firtst body height 158 cm ** First body's...
  9. Kanishka Deepak

    Research papers on Recovery Systems: Conference and Symposiums?

    Hi :) I wanted to know the international conferences that are going to be held and under which symposium can I submit my research abstract(related to Recovery Systems like Parachutes, Aerodynamic Decelerators, Drogue and Main Chute deployment mechanisms etc.,) ? Also, Can you suggest the...
  10. tollyman

    Lets Talk About Parachutes

    The purpose that I am making this post is to have a discussion about all things parachutes and recovery. Although I do have a few particular questions and want to hear others opinions, I want there to be a place where alot of this information can be found in one spot. Im sure there are other...
  11. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    K-9 Model Rocket Landing Legs

    Hi everyone! I got a lot of request to open source my landing leg system to soften impact and perhaps even help to propulsivley land a model rocket. Tell me what ya'll think! I love feedback. These were based off of Joe barnard's design. I need to update the leg section on my website...
  12. ArchitectOfSeven

    Ideal pyrodex charge?

    Hi all, I'm trying to set up some pyrodex ejection charges in 2ml centrifuge vials and want to know how well I should try to contain the powder. With the vial completely full (~1.8g), and sealed with quite a bit of masking tape it went off with a sound a lot like a gunshot in a preliminary...
  13. Magin

    Drag Coefficient

    what depends on the drag coefficient number?
  14. Magin

    Parachute Drag coefficient

    hi guys. I have some problem about parachutes. I' dont know which coefficient should ı use for parachute. we have now paragliding parachute , we are planing to reshape it as a rocket parachute but ı coul'dt find the drag coefficient. we want to make raound parachute for our rocket. Could anyone...
  15. Magin

    Drag coefficient

    Hi guys! We have chute of paragliding. we are trying to reshape the chute as a rocket chute . We have to find drag coefficient. How could ı find it ? if we must calculate, which informations we should learn about chute ?
  16. Magin

    Calculating the parachute size

    Hi guys! We are building rocket and now we must calculate the parachute size but ı could't find out the calculating. I need some help. Here is the deal of rocket: Mass: 12.000 kg We will do dual deployment. First we have to calculate drague parachute and then main parachute. How should we...
  17. Magin

    CO2 Ejection System

    Hi folks! I am planning to build my own hommade co2 ejection system. We desing the system but we couln't decide which composite we should use. It must be lightweigt , durable and cheap. Is there anyone who can help me about that ?
  18. K

    Where to buy Rattworks ARRD ?

    Hello, I would like to get information about how to buy ARRD(Advanced Retention release device), a device that is a well-known solution in dual-deployment. I've searched the internet and i cannot find a seller. It seems that it is now difficult to find this device.The only promising seller was...
  19. Michael Mruzek

    Purpose? Exterior String on a Vintage Model Rocket

    Hi, I am a new member returning to the hobby 50 years later. I recently purchased a lot of 1960's model rockets that I am sorting through. One of the models has an exterior string attached to the body tube. I've never seen this before. Can anyone advise the purpose? Photo attached. Thanks! Michael
  20. N

    Idea for controlling descent time with propeller

    Hi Rocketry Forum, In April I will be competing in TARC, and for those that don't know, this year the goal of the competition is to launch three eggs as close to 856 ft as possible and then recover the eggs with a total flight time of 43-46 seconds. You can find the full rules here. Although I...