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  1. Neutronium95

    General Purpose 38mm submin

    After snagging some J510s on sale at the end of 2022, I've been wanting to use one to take a crack at the J record. There are also a bunch of other fun motors in 38mm that I think will be fun to fly in submin configurations, including but not limited to the J1026, K627, I1299, I33. So I decided...
  2. The_Quacken

    complex L record attempt?

    I want to get a record and im an L2 flyer so I decided on the complex L record. I think its a good mix of go high and not too expensive. current very early design is based off of two wildman mach 2 rockets one with slightly modified fins. i did this cause the mach 2 is A) dirt cheap. and B)...
  3. dvdsnyd

    Eggtimer altimeters for Tripoli altitude record attempt

    Hi all, I've got something cooking for an altitude record attempt for Tripoli. Looking into approved altimeters, I came across the following: 2.0 Rules and procedures 2.0.1 Flights less than 30,000 feet MSL: TRA flyers may use any commercially manufactured, barometer based altimeter for their...