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rear ejection

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  1. beantownJPL

    Bertha's breech baby ...

    ... or how about Back Assward Baby Bertha? Ok ... so everyone's got (or has had) at least one member of the "Bertha Family". The Big Bertha and Baby Bertha are favorite smallish field flyers, and I've usually got one or the other, and sometimes both, in my fleet. My last Baby Bertha is on a...
  2. Jonathan 7

    Three more new designs

    Here are three other designs. Which do you like best? The red, white, and blue is a rear ejection system. These all fly super-straight, no corkscrewing or other weird phenomena. The gold one was originally two-stages, but i ended up filling the vent holes and making it one. Flies better. All...
  3. Cody Webster

    Rear Ejection... when, where, why?

    I find rear ejection interesting. I dont have any models using rear ejection but I am thinking about building a rocket and using rear ejection as an experiment/learning oppurtunity. I have read some threads about it and I assume the main reasons for using RE would be space constraints. Anyone...