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  1. nasheed-x

    Raven4 Interface Greyed Out?

    Hi there, I've linked up my Raven 4 to the computer and instead of letting me configure, the interface remains greyed out. I also happen to get an error when trying to quit the program. This is very unusual so any help would be appreciated.
  2. T

    Running Featherweight Interface Program on Mac?

    Heyo, new member here! I've managed to get ahold of a raven 4 altimeter, however I'm finding it difficult to program it with only a macbook. I'm trying to run the FIP on an M1 Macbook Pro using Parallels, even using the built in function to add the USB port as a serial port, and it doesn't seem...
  3. Cameron Anderson

    Loc Terrier Sandhawk build thread

    There seems to be a fair number of people building the Loc Terrier Sandhawk right now so I decided to throw my build on here. I'm sure plan will evolve over the course of the build, but my two main goals for this build are focused on camera placement. I want one internal Mobius in the Sandhawk...
  4. Cameron Anderson

    Can someome identify this Raven 4 component?

    Anyone know what this is on the Raven 4 and/or what it does? I bought some cheap lipo connectors and the polarity was crossed on some of them so when hooked up power for a wiring test, my e-matches blew and the piece pictured popped clean off the circuit card. I corrected the polarity and got...
  5. Cameron Anderson

    Raven 4 battery choice

    First flight with a Raven 4 and space is at a premium...manual says 3.7 lipo is okay, but I generally prefer more voltage. 7.4v lipo won't fit and 9v is impossible unless the rocket wears it as a hat. Any good or bad 3.7 Lipo Raven 4 experiences? I'm building my electronics sled right now and...