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    OpenRocket/RASAero Simulation Differences

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to simulate the stability of my team's rocket for the spaceport America cup on RASAero and OpenRocket. However, the stability graphs from RASAero and OpenRocket differ significantly, and we can't figure out why. I've attached the stability and Center of Pressure plots...
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    RasAeroII Negative Wind Speed

    I'm trying to determine how launching in the direction of the wind might affect apogee. In RasAeroII, you can input a launch angle (only positive) and a wind speed (positive or negative). From what I've determined, inputting a positive windspeed works basically as expected, with the rail...
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    Predicting roll moment coefficients using RASAero

    Looking for method\aeroprediction software to calculate roll moment coefficients of rocket with canted fins. Here is my attempt According to this work: https://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a298617.pdf one can calculate roll moments coefficients using Cnalpha force coefficient. The idea of...