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  1. hambirm2018


    I have a piece of aluminum that I want to use between a couple of saw horses for low power. I’d like to use drill chucks for the rods. Any pictures of your mounts would be appreciated. Any ideas?
  2. hambirm2018

    1010 Rail

    So what are you guys using for connecting the Rockwell jaw vise to a 1010 rail with a blast plate. I have all the major components on hand.
  3. S

    Rail Exit Speed, how slow is too slow?

    Hi Folks, I'm simming a collection of mid power rockets of interest, and while OR hasn't given me any warnings yet, how slow is too slow when looking at velocity off the rod? 5 m/s? 6 m/s? etc. Thanks!
  4. B

    2019 Update of Which Rail Should I Get Debate

    I'm new here, and I'm taking a risk by posting this in the ground support rather than beginner section. I have read many threads on here with great but sometimes conflicting information about launch rail selection. I have seen threads with great images of the various profiles, including this...
  5. H

    Measuring distance on launch rail

    Just wondering when setting up Rocsim for how long the rail is, do you just enter the length of the rail or from where the last rail button is? I have an 8 foot rail and the first button is about 75 inches from end of rail and second one is about 86 inches from the end. thanks for any help
  6. Gary Mac

    Experience with Apogee's Homemade Rail Button Plans?

    Does anyone have experience flying Apogee's recommended plans for rail guide buttons made from 1/4-20 pan head machine screw and assorted hardware fasteners? Interesting idea, not sure how well it works in person. https://www.apogeerockets.com/education/downloads/Newsletter334.pdf
  7. D

    Adjustable Launch Tower Build

    This is my first build thread, so go easy on me ;) I've flown a few minimum diameter rockets in the past, and I typically prefer to build them with four fins. However, one issue I've ran into with four-finned rockets is with regards to launch equipment. Every time I fly one, I have to use...